How can I contact Wild Hive Farm about wholesale orders?

Please send us an email to orders@wildhivefarm.com and we’ll respond as quickly as we can.

Why are your grain products more expensive than the flour I buy at the store?

There are many reasons our products are more expensive than mass-produced, store flour. To produce flavorful, quality flour required that Wild Hive rethink modern economics.

  1. We are endlessly searching for specific lineages of grains, esoteric and some heritage varieties, that just weren’t available before we created demand for them. In the past, seeds were selected by community elders looking for the ideal nutritional density, flavor, baking quality, and an acceptable yield. Compare this to many factory farm seeds where the only desired qualities are environmental hardiness and maximum yield. It’s the difference between fast food and a farmers’ market.
  2. For more than twenty years, Wild Hive has recognized the importance of access to freshly stone-milled grain products. Compared to roller milling, our grains are milled slowly, and at a significantly lower temperature. Chemically, the result is a richer, less demolished flour that resembles the origins of grain consumption. The time required to process grains on a stone mill is greater many times over. Our grain products are so much better than those of our competitors exactly because more time equals better quality.
  3. It is our firm belief that grain products should be treated like all food products. As such, we emphasize freshness to our customers. Once we send flour away from our mill, there are three months during which the quality of the flour can be assured. This does not apply solely to our products, and as such, all of the flour found at your local grocery does not meet this requirement. Therefore, commercially available flour is, at best, sub-standard, and at worst, unsuitable for consumption. It is very likely that non-Celiac gluten intolerance are a result of rancid grain products. We enforce a strict use-by date of three months, and we stand by this insistence.
  4. Cultivating relationships with our growers is a never-ending job. We seek our like-minded individuals to grow our grains, who are interested in abandoning the commodity market. To do so, we need to compensate them fairly. We pay our growers as much per pound (or more!) than commercially available flour costs consumers. This creates incentive for more growers to abandon a failing food system in lieu of a sustainable and healthy, local replacement. 

How much does shipping generally cost?

We charge as little as possible for shipping, but because we are not the size of Amazon or other retail behemoths, we cannot negotiate for lower prices in the same way. Also, because our packages require a little extra protection than other products, more work goes into packing each order. We try to get shipping between $7-17, but large orders requiring more than one box should be expected to cost more.