Alternative Grains & Flours

  • Pasta Flour

    Coarse and smooth blend of Semolina and fine Durum flour. Perfect for pasta
    made by machine or by hand. Make pasta the way it was meant to be.

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  • Sourdough Starter - 2 oz.

    This delicious Rye flour ferment was gifted to me in 2018 while traveling on a bread tour in Saaremaa, Estonia. It had been raised on their traditional Rye for decades. It tends to make Breads stand up well and deliver the wonderful flavor of freshly milled flours.

    Throughout history, communities came together to bake bread, passing down their own ferments. It’s the perfect opportunity to start a tradition within your own family (and friend groups) with a starter of your own. You can find instruction on usage right here.





  • Sprouted Wheat Flour

    This nutrient-dense, whole-wheat flour is stone-ground on our granite from Bulgur Wheat. Because it is sprouted, this flour is the perfect healthy addition to all your breads. The viability of sprouted grains increases the fiber and protein content, and includes key amino acids not usually present in grain products. Sprouted grains are also known to be more suitable for those with gluten sensitivities.


  • Whole Grain Emmer Flour

    An ancient form of wheat, stone ground and delicious.

    Emmer (Farro) is an ancient relative of wheat, a direct ancestor of durum wheat. Stone ground and great for breads and pastries, this is a very digestible – and delectable – flour.  In the Bible, Emmer was the “Mother Wheat.

    from $15.99

  • Yeast, Baker's Instant Dry

    Fret no longer: we now have a limited supply of instant yeast for all your baking needs.

    Purchases limited to 2 oz of yeast per 5 lbs of flour in order. Please respect the high demand for this item. Orders over this limit will be refunded and given the appropriate amount.

    Not for Resale.