• Multi Grain Flour

    Tasty blend of assorted whole grains.

    Wild Hive Multi Grain Flour

    Stone ground from regionally grown grains: soft white winter wheat, hard red spring wheat, rye, spelt, oats, barley and corn. A coarse whole grain flour that’s a delicious addition to any baked goods that increases both nutrition and flavor. Try it, you’ll taste the difference!


  • Multi Grain Hot Cereal

    Discover the full flavor of fresh milled cereal.

    Wild Hive Multi Grain Hot Cereal

    Regionally grown whole grains and seeds cracked on granite mill stones: winter wheat, spring wheat, rye, spelt, oats, corn, millet, and flax seed. The mixture makes a flavorful and thoroughly satisfying hot cereal or a savory side dish. It can also be a wonderful nutrient-dense addition to your bread, pancakes, muffins or cookie recipes.


    from $9.99

  • Wild Hive Baguette Special Blend

    Replicates the flours and flavors of France.

    Baguette Special Flour

    A unique blend of soft winter wheat and hard spring wheat that replicates some of the flours in Southern France or Northern Italy. It has low protein content, and is very suitable for a long fermentation which results in a crisp crust, a satisfying crumb and an outstanding flavor.

    from $9.99