Hard Winter Wheat

  • Hard Red Bread Flour OO

    A fine and silky grind with a robust flavor.

    Wild Hive HR Bread Flour OO

    Stone ground in our Micro-Mill from organic wheat grown in our region. Wild Hive HR (Hard Red Winter Wheat) Bread Flour OO is a fine and silky grind with a robust flavor that reflects the unique properties of the land where it grows. Perfect for making a lighter whole germ loaf of bread, pizza, baguettes, bagels, rolls, and pasta. Freshly ground so you get 100% of the germ and the full nutritional value and flavor from the whole grain.

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  • Hard Wheat Kernels

    Heritage hard red winter wheat.

    Wild Hive Hard Wheat Kernels

    These delicious whole wheat berries of hard red winter wheat are an excellent source of whole grain nutrition with a full, rich flavor. Perfect for adding to soups, stews, grain salads, or on its own as a pilaf-style side dish. Can also be easily sprouted for extra nutrition and growing your own wheat grass.

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