• Light Rye Flour

    Smooth sifted finely milled rye flour

    Wild Hive Light Rye Flour

    Stone ground in our Micro-Mill from regionally grown organic rye. This fine and silky grind has a delicate flavor that reflects the unique properties of the land where it grows. Excellent for pasta, and great for creating a lighter style rye bread, cakes, cookies and crackers. At Wild Hive Farm we grind fresh each week, so you get the 100% of the germ and the full nutritional value and flavor from the whole grain.


  • Rye Berries

    Rye berries are a great source of whole grain nutrition

    Rye kernels are a great source of whole grain nutrition and rich flavor. Perfect for adding to soups and stews or a whole grain hot porridge cereal.

    from $8.99

  • Rye Bran

    Rye bran is a rich source of minerals and fiber.

    ****Please Note: Rye Bran is sold in 1 pound increments, NOT 1.5 POUND.*******


    Rye bran is a rich source of minerals and fiber. Great used in bran muffins, bar cookies, raisin bran cookies and granola. Add fiber to your meals by stirring in a spoonful or more into whatever you’re cooking – stews, casseroles, soups, and more.


  • Traditional Rye Flour

    A coarse, robustly flavored flour.

    A coarse, robustly flavored flour. Formerly known as our dark rye, we renamed it to better characterize it. This is not going to make you a German pumpernickel bread, but it will bake into the most delicious Eastern European-style bread you’ve ever had. There’s a slight hint of cinnamon scent and taste to fresh rye flour and it can be used to bake a traditional rye loaf, sour rye, and onion rye breads and rolls. It makes a sensational honey cake and can be used to easily build a full flavored active sourdough starter.

    from $9.99

  • Whole Grain Rye Chops

    Cracked berries bursting with flavor

    Cracked berries bursting with flavor, it makes an ideal substitute for any recipe that calls for pearl barley, makes a satisfying hot cereal, and a delicious whole grain side dish. It is popular with home brewers to add a unique quality to beers, ales and schnapps.


  • Wholemeal Rye

    Part of our new unsifted products for 2020, Whole Meal Rye is a great foundation for traditional Eastern European and Scandinavian rye breads. Completely unsifted, breads made with this whole meal product contain the highest possible nutritional density, ensuring a healthy digestive system, and the full rye flavor.

    from $8.99