• Rye Berries

    Rye berries are a great source of whole grain nutrition

    Rye kernels are a great source of whole grain nutrition and rich flavor. Perfect for adding to soups and stews or a whole grain hot porridge cereal.

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  • Rye Bran

    Rye bran is a rich source of minerals and fiber.

    ****Please Note: Rye Bran is sold in 1 pound increments, NOT 1.5 POUND.*******


    Rye bran is a rich source of minerals and fiber. Great used in bran muffins, bar cookies, raisin bran cookies and granola. Add fiber to your meals by stirring in a spoonful or more into whatever you’re cooking – stews, casseroles, soups, and more.

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  • Sourdough Starter - 2 oz.

    This delicious Rye flour ferment was gifted to me in 2018 while traveling on a bread tour in Saaremaa, Estonia. It had been raised on their traditional Rye for decades. It tends to make Breads stand up well and deliver the wonderful flavor of freshly milled flours.

    Throughout history, communities came together to bake bread, passing down their own ferments. It’s the perfect opportunity to start a tradition within your own family (and friend groups) with a starter of your own. You can find instruction on usage right here.





  • Traditional Rye Flour

    A coarse, robustly flavored flour.

    A coarse, robustly flavored flour. Formerly known as our dark rye, we renamed it to better characterize it. This is not going to make you a German pumpernickel bread, but it will bake into the most delicious Eastern European-style bread you’ve ever had. There’s a slight hint of cinnamon scent and taste to fresh rye flour and it can be used to bake a traditional rye loaf, sour rye, and onion rye breads and rolls. It makes a sensational honey cake and can be used to easily build a full flavored active sourdough starter.

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  • Whole Grain Rye Chops

    Cracked berries bursting with flavor

    Cracked berries bursting with flavor, it makes an ideal substitute for any recipe that calls for pearl barley, makes a satisfying hot cereal, and a delicious whole grain side dish. It is popular with home brewers to add a unique quality to beers, ales and schnapps.

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  • Wholemeal Rye

    Part of our new unsifted products for 2020, Whole Meal Rye is a great foundation for traditional Eastern European and Scandinavian rye breads. Completely unsifted, breads made with this whole meal product contain the highest possible nutritional density, ensuring a healthy digestive system, and the full rye flavor.

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  • Yeast, Baker's Instant Dry

    Fret no longer: we now have a limited supply of instant yeast for all your baking needs.

    Purchases limited to 2 oz of yeast per 5 lbs of flour in order. Please respect the high demand for this item. Orders over this limit will be refunded and given the appropriate amount.

    Not for Resale.