Soft Winter Wheat

  • All Purpose Flour

    Soft winter wheat All-Purpose flour has a nutty flavor.

    Wild Hive All Purpose Flour is a heritage variety of winter wheat, finely ground and perfect for producing delicious whole germ baked goods including biscuits, scones, muffins, pancakes, fruitcakes, bar cookies, and pasta. We call it All Purpose because it truly can be used for most any flour recipe.

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  • Pastry Flour

    Fine, silky grind has a delicate flavor.

    Wild Hive Pastry Flour

    A heritage variety of soft winter wheat, ground fine and silky for a delicate flavor. Perfect for tender, crisp and flaky pie crusts, sponge cakes, butter cookies, brownies, pasta and gingerbreads.

    Bakers Note: Can be substituted for any flour in any recipe to add lightness, smoothness and superb flavor.

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  • Soft Wheat Kernels

    Perfect source of whole grain nutrition

    A perfect source of whole grain nutrition and rich flavor. It adds a delicate wheat flavor and texture to soups, stews, grain salads, risotto, on its own as a pilaf-style side dish.


  • Sourdough Starter - 2 oz.

    This delicious Rye flour ferment was gifted to me in 2018 while traveling on a bread tour in Saaremaa, Estonia. It had been raised on their traditional Rye for decades. It tends to make Breads stand up well and deliver the wonderful flavor of freshly milled flours.

    Throughout history, communities came together to bake bread, passing down their own ferments. It’s the perfect opportunity to start a tradition within your own family (and friend groups) with a starter of your own. You can find instruction on usage right here.





  • Whole Wheat All Purpose Flour

    Soft winter wheat has a nutty flavor

    Soft winter wheat has a nutty flavor. Perfect for producing lighter whole wheat baked goods including biscuits, scones, muffins, pancakes, fruitcakes, bar cookies, light wheat pasta and a great addition to bread doughs.

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  • Wholemeal White

    Part of our new unsifted products for 2020, the Whole Meal White is our unsifted meal made from New York Soft White Winter Wheat. It’s ideal for bakers seeking maximum nutritional value with a lighter coloring. Perfect for crackers, blending into bread, and pretty much everything in between, Whole Meal White is the perfect supplement for health conscious baking.

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  • Yeast, Baker's Instant Dry

    Fret no longer: we now have a limited supply of instant yeast for all your baking needs.

    Purchases limited to 2 oz of yeast per 5 lbs of flour in order. Please respect the high demand for this item. Orders over this limit will be refunded and given the appropriate amount.

    Not for Resale.